DC Tromb 400

Dustcontrol Canada is pleased to introduce the all new DC Tromb 400, our most powerful single phase unit to date.

Dustcontrols DC Tromb 400 is the successor to the DC3900. It is a totally redesigned machine with notable performance improvements, new features, and a competitive price. Power supply to the DC Tromb 400 is still 120v (20A plug), however due to its significant design improvements more inlet flow is available to use with today's highly efficient tools. As with all of Dustcontrols machines the DC Tromb 400 is made to withstand the toughest working conditions, providing you with a dependable, durable, and long lasting piece of equipment. Check out some of the other improvements below.

DC Tromb 400c Dust Extractor

  1. New semi-automatic filter cleaning mechanism, allowing the user easy and efficient reverse pulse cleaning of their filters.
  2. Redesigned pre-filter and certified HEPA H13 filter. The all new HEPA filter features a large 2.2 m²(23.7 ft²) filtration area.
  3. New Ø76mm (3") inlet for increased flow with a manual shutter valve for filter cleaning.
  4. All new efficient cyclone design increasing performance.
  5. Powerful twin motor package to generate flow.
  6. Three different material ejection options including standard bag (DC Tromb 400c), steel can (DC Tromb 400a) and longopac (DC Tromb 400L).
  7. Non marking wheels with locking casters to ensure your unit stays put.

    If you have any further questions about the DC Tromb 400 or are interested in purchasing a machine contact us today!

Canadian Sales and Service

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Dustcontrol Canada sells exclusively to the Canadian market providing the following benefits to our customers:

  1. No more hassle dealing with ever changing exchange rates. Dustcontrol Canada prices all our equipment in Canadian dollars allowing for our customers to know exactly what they expect to pay.
  2. No customs or duty fees on your purchase. As mentioned above our distribution is based in Canada meaning no import fees will apply.
  3. Equipment meets CSA standards giving you piece of mind knowing your machine is safe. Some imported machines do not carry CSA approval.
  4. Decrease in logistics and lead times meaning you get your items sooner. We aim to keep our warehouse stocked with our most popular items to allow less waiting for your purchase.
  5. Canadian sales and service with nation wide distribution and support network. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us, meaning we aim to provide support to all of our Canadian customers no matter how big or small.

What can Dustcontrol Canada can do for you?

Mobile HEPA Dust Extractors & Air Cleaners

Dustcontrol Canada stocks a wide range of Mobile HEPA dust extractors, designed for the industries toughest use. All of our mobile units operate using three stage filtration, consisting of primary cyclone separation, pre-filter and certified HEPA filter. Certified HEPA filters are individually tested for effectiveness ensuring the highest quality for the end user. In addition to extractors Dustcontrol Canada stocks mobile air cleaners equipped with both pre-filters and HEPA filters.

Stationary Systems

Dustcontrol Canada has been designing and supplying stationary dust extraction systems for 25 years. Whether your demands are for a general house cleaning system or custom integration into your process we can help. With an extensive catalogue of high quality vacuum producers, filter units, pre-separators, and accessories we can offer a solution to nearly any dust related problem. In addition to standard solutions Dustcontrol Canada also supplies custom systems designed specifically to meet your needs.


Dustcontrols huge product base allows us the flexibility to serve nearly any industry experiencing dust problems. Our main goal is to improve your working environment or process by removing dust. At Dustcontrol Canada we stand behind our product and provide each customer whether big or small with the same level of service.


Dustcontrol Aircube and DC2900c
DC central installation and tube drop
Duscontrol Shoruds fitted to different tools

Dustcontrol Canada's extensive product line is backed by 40 years of real world experience across the globe.

Are you tired of downtime due to low quality equipment? Is your current dust extraction system not meeting your needs? Check out what Dustcontrol Canada has to offer you today!

Source Extraction

Source extraction is capturing dust as it is created at the source, this principle has been employed by Dustcontrol for 40 years. Check out the video below to see how effective Dustcontrol Canada's suction casings (shrouds)can be.

HEPA H13 - High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

Dustcontol 42027 FilterDustcontrol mobile units use both a fine filter and a HEPA filter. All of our units include a HEPA H13 filter which can separate up to 99.95% of the particles that are between 0.15µm to 0.30µm. As these particle sizes are the most difficult to capture and most hazardous to physical health they are the main focus. Dustcontrol carries certified HEPA filters, this means each filter is individually tested for its effectiveness. Filters which do not pass inspection are not passed onto our customers. When dealing with your employees or your own health, certified HEPA should be your first and only choice.


All New Catalogue

Check out Dustcontrols brand new full product line catalogue by clicking on the picture below!

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