Cleaning Accessories Ø2"/50mm

Dustcontrol Canada stocks a large selection of high quality antistatic and non-antistatic aluminum/metal cleaning accessories for dust extraction. 50mm(2") cleaning tasks are considered to be heavy cleaning applications. Designed to be compatible with all our mobile and stationary products, our 50 mm(2") cleaning accessories are manufactured for functionality, durability and ergonomics. Even during simple cleanings tasks huge demands can be placed on your cleaning tools collecting abrasive materials at excess of 20 m/s. To ensure your cleaning accessories can stand up to the task Dustcontrol Canada offers cast aluminum and chrome metal cleaning tools. We also understand that occasionally weight and or surface finish can be a concern, this is why we also supply a variety of plastic accessories as well. In addition to superior durability most of Dustcontrols accessories come with replaceable parts. This means lower replacement costs to keep your tool in service. Also by request Dustcontrol Canada can supply cleaning accessories which are ESD certified.

Advantages of Genuine Dustcontrol Accessories:

  • Floor cleaning nozzles made of cast aluminum not plastic meaning a much longer service life even with heavy use
  • Full product range of hand held cleaning accessories allowing you to clean areas you never thought possible
  • Compatible with Dustcontrol mobile equipment and stationary systems
  • Manufactured with replaceable parts saving you money and extending tools life
  • Backed by 40 years of real world design and testing
7013 Rubber Part, Floor Tool
7232 rubber floor nozzle
7016 Nozzle with Brush
7016 nozzle with brush
7026 Saw Blade

7030 Nozzle
7030 hand nozzle
7033 Steel Hand Pipe
7033 hand pipe
7149 Chip Nozzle

7212 Chrome Steel Flat Nozzle
7212 flat nozzle
7238 Cast Aluminum Floor Tool
7238 floor nozzle
7263 Brush for 7274, 7279
7265 Chrome Steel Wand
7265 chrome steel wand
7266 Lightweight Aluminum Wand
7266 aluminum wand for floor tool
7267 Lightweight Aluminum Wand with Wear Strip
7267 Lightweight Aluminum Wand with Wear Strip
7268 Chrome Steel Wand Extension
7268 chrome steel extension
7269 Aluminum Wand Extension
7269 aluminum wand extension
7271 Chrome Steel Hand Pipe
7271 chrome steel hand pipe
7277 Tappered Nozzle
7277 tappered nozzle
7274 Rubber Part Brush Holder
7274 rubber brush holder
7279 2"/50mm Cleaning Brush
7279 pipe with cleaning brush
7281 Floor Nozzle
7281 rubber floor nozzle
7285 ERGO Handle
7285 ERGO handle
7295 Bulk Nozzle
7295 bulk nozzle
7307 Gulper Aluminum Floor Tool
7307 gulper tool
7374 Brush ESD for 7278E,7279E
7374 Brush
7377 Push Pull Pistol
7277 push pull pistol
7398 Hard White Brush for 7278, 7279
7398 hard white brush

2" / 50mm Selection

Description Part No.
Rubber part, floor tool Ø 2"/50 mm 7013
Suction nozzle with brush (7147) 7016
Saw blade 7026
Suction nozzle Ø 2"/50 mm 7030
Chrome Steel Hand pipe Ø 2"/50 mm 7033
Chip nozzle D 50 W 70 L 243 7149
Chrome Steel Flat tool Ø 2"/50 mm L=16"/400 mm 7212
Cast Alu Floor Tool B 20"/500 mm A--2"/50 mm 7238*
Brush for 7274, 7279 7263
Chrome Steel Wand Ø 2"/50 mm 7265
Alu Lightweight Wand Ø 2"/50 7266
Alu Lightweight Wand Ø 2"/50 mm, wear strip 7267
Chrome Steel Wand ext Ø 2"/50 mm, L = 710 mm 7268
Alu Wand Extension Ø 2"/50 mm, L = 685 mm 7269
Chrome Steel hand pipe Ø 2"/50 mm curved 7271
Tapered nozzle Ø 2"/50 mm 7272
Rubber part, suction brush Ø 2"/50 mm 7274
Rubber part, suction brush Ø 2"/50 mm 7277*
Suction brush Ø 2"/50 mm 7274
Floor nozzle Ø 2"/ 50 mm B 8/200 mm 7277*
Handle ERGO-Grip 7279
Bulk nozzle Ø 2"/50 mm 7281
Gulper Floor Tool Alu 7285
Brush ESD for 7278E, 7279E 7295
Push Pull Pistol 73007
Brush for 7278, 7279, hard, white 7320

Technical Information

*note: if viewing on mobile slide table to view full row

Description Qnom (m³/h / CFM) Δp (kPa / inwg)
Floor Nozzle 350/210 8 /32
Hand Nozzle 350/210 3/12


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