Abrasive Cup Stone

Dustcontrols professional grade abrasive cup stone suction casings, commonly known as shrouds are designed for maximum dust collection without sacrficing ergonomincs. Our abrasive cup stone shrouds feature a thin walled ridgid metal body with a high quality plastic collar mounted to it. The plastic collar can quickly and easily be replaced without the use of tools, this saves hassle in the field. Being fabricated from metal makes the body of the shroud durable and resistant to any type of dust collected in it. Our unique tool mounting system is made up of a series of ring clamps and plastic spacers with mounting nuts and bolts. Flexible mounting is such that nearly any tool with an abrasive cup stone can be proporly fitted with a Dustcontrol casing. Backed by years of experience and design our full line of suction casings shrouds are built to professional standards.


Advantages of Dustcontrols Suction casings Shrouds:

  • Made of thin gauge steel not plastic making them lightweight, durable and long lasting.
  • Engineered to fit almost any tool on the market with easily manipulated universal fastening system.
  • Designed to collect the maximum amount of dust, without sacrifcing functionality or ergonomics.

Dustcontrol abrasive cup stone shroud

See fitting diagram below chart
Disc Diameter Ø(in/mm) D Ø (mm/in) H (in/mm) Hose Connection Ø(in/mm) Part No.
5 /125 2-3 / 50-76 1.3-3.2/46-81 1.5/ 38 6680

Abasive Cup Stone Disc Fitting Diagram

Dustcontrol  shroud sizing diagram

Suction Casing General Technical Information

Description Con Ø (mm/in) Qnom (m³/h / CFM) Δp (kPa / inwg)
Small Hand Held Tools 32/1.25 150/90 3.5 /14
Hand Held Tools 38/1.5 200/120 3.5/14
Large Hand Held Tools e.g. 9" Cutting Disc 38/1.5 250/150 5/20


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