PU Extra Abrasion Resistant Hose

Extra abrasion resistant PU hose

Almost any dust extraction system whether it is stationary or portable will include hose and hose accessories. Depending on the application it is used for, dust extraction system hose will have to meet certian requirements including:

Dustcontrol Canada offers high quality extra abrasion resistant hose for extremely demanding applications. Our PU hose is not only abrasive resistant, but also offers resistance to solvent and oil as well as UV light. Although it is less flexible than our standard hose Dustcontrols PU hose offers great flexibility with a superior service life. For easy integration in your process, Dustcontrol offers a full stock of hose connectors and turnable cuffs specifically designed for our PU hose. If you have a highly abrasive or demanding process Dustcontrol PU hose is for you.

Note: Grounding of the internal helix must be bare and left in contact with conductive material for static discharge.


Suction hoses PU, extra abrasion resistant, Ø(in/mm) Part No. Standard Length (ft/m)
1.5/38 2056** 15,30,50 /5,10,15
2/50 2054** 15,30,50 /5,10,15
3/76 2055** 15,30,50 /5,10,15


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