Dustcontrol Hose and Hose Accessories

Almost any dust extraction system whether it is stationary or portable will include hose and hose accessories. Depending on the application it is used for, dust extraction system hose will have to meet certain requirements including:

  • wear resistants
  • lightweight and flexible
  • extreme temperature resistants
  • crushproof
  • antistatic against electric shocks

Dustcontrol Canada offers a wide variety of hose selection to meet your requirements. All of our hose and hose accessories are designed to be high quality for maximum service life yet are still simple to use and integrate within your process. Our full line of antistatic hose and hose accessories are stock items and offer a standard conductivity <106Ω

When using long hose sets an increasing diameter from tool end to the vacuum producer is required. This is done to ensure a proper transport velocity in the hose is achieved which minimize wear. The smallest diameter portion of the hose should be connected directly to the suction casing and should not exceed 2-3 m in length. All coupling of the hose can be done with our extensive selection of hose connectors.

If you want professional hose and hose accessories for your dust extraction system contact us today!


Antistatic hose

Heat Resistant

Heat resistant hose

PU Extra Abrasion Resistant

Polyurethan hose

SuperD Superelastic

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Compressed Air Hose

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Ventilation Hose

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Hose Clamps

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Non-Turnable Couple for PU Hose

Non-Turnable hose couple

Turnable Hose Connectors for PU Hose

Turnable couple for Polyurethan hose

Non-Turnable Hose Connectors

Standard non-turnable couples

Turnable Hose Connectors

Standard turnable couples

Multi-connection for Integrated Suction Casing

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Rubber Hose

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Metal Hose

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