DC 5900, S11000, S21000, S32000, S34000, DC 11 Module

4292 polyester filter

Cellulose Fine Filter

Good quality standard filter with high filtration efficiency. Epoxy treated for resistance to humidity and other elements.

Polyester Fine Filter

High quality filter material with exceptional resistance to most elements. Particularly suitable to high humidity applications such as machine and tool shops where cutting and cooling fluids are used. Filter can be washed.

HEPA Filter

Our HEPA filters are made of fibreglass material with a support layer of cellulose. All of our HEPA filters are H13 classification and can separate up to 99.95% of the particles that are between 0.15µm to 0.30µm. As these particle sizes are the most difficult to capture and most hazardous to physical health they are the main focus. Dustcontrol carries certified HEPA filters, this means each filter is individually tested for its effectiveness. Filters which do not pass inspection are not passed onto our customers. When dealing with your employees or your own health, certified HEPA should be your first and only choice.

Note: When changing filters the gasket of the filter holder has to be checked and cleaned.Leakage is not permitted in Asbestos applications.

Part No. 429203 429204 4292 4422 4284 4017
Description Fine Filter PTFE Fine Filter Fine Filter HEPA Filter Fine Filter HEPA Filter
Construction Pleated Pleated Pleated Pleated Pleated Pleated
Material Polyester PTFE Polyester Polyester Cellulose, Fibreglass Polyester Cellulose, Fibreglass
Area (ft²/m²) 53.8/5 53.8/5 90.4/8.4 26.9/2.8 129.6/12 26.9/2.8
Classification IEC EN 60335-2-69 Part 1 IEC EN 60335-2-69 Part 1 IEC EN 60335-2-69 Part 1 HEPA H13 IEC EN 60335-2-69 Part 1 HEPA H13
Max Temp (°F/°C) 266/130 266/130 266/130 176/80 266/130 176/80


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