RAF 2501 Dual Stage Series Connected Fan

RAF 2501 dual stage series connected fan


The RAF 2501 radial blower is applied in dust extraction systems requiring large air-flows for lighter types of dust and cleaning. Pressure generation is achieved through two series connected stages, giving this radial blower unique characteristics of high flow and pressure. The unit is equipped with vibration isolation and a silenced enclosure. This unit should always be equipped with an exhaust silencer (inlet also if required). The unit is directly driven and has minimal service requirements (lubrication interval 10000 hours), making it a reliable unit for any dust extraction system.

RAF 2501
Pump RPM 3600
Weight (kg) 440
Max dP (kPa) 17
Max Q (m³/h) 3300
*Sound level(dB) 74
Inlet/Outlet Ø(mm) 200/160
Motor (kW/HP) 30/40
* with silenced outlet @1m


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