Radial Blowers

Dustcontrol fans are radial blowers, where air is introduced at the center of the fan wheel and forced outward with centrifugal force toward the fans housing. All radial blowers feature directly driven impellors with very low service requirments (lubrication every 10000 hours). Both single impellor and dual impellor units exist accross the lineup giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Dual stage impellors can be connected in either series or parallel. Series connection will increase the vacuum level whereas parallel connection will increase the maximum flow. Radial blower fans are ideal where lighter dust extraction is to take place, however Dustcontrol does offer some higher pressure units as well for heavier applications. Our larger fans feature a silencing enclosure built on a heavy frame with painted exterior to prevent corrosion. As with all of Dustcontrols dust extraction products our radial blowers are built to a high quality with a simple low maintenance design.

Dustcontrol fans can be operated fully restricted in a free-wheeling condition without adverse effect and can therefore be operated without vacuum relief valves. The fans are designed for pressure and are over loading type units. They cannot be operated without being connected to the restriction of a tubing system. Operation above their maximum rated flow will result in overloading and the motor protection will trip out. To limit the power surge at start-up, install a shutter valve on the inlet which should be closed when the fan starts. When sized correctly in a dust extraction system our radial blowers provide a durable dependable high quality vacuum producer that you can rely on.


Performance Data

Vacuum Producer Max dP (kPa) Max Q (m³/h) Motor Size
RAF 500 5.6 900 2.2 kW/4 HP
RAF 500 S 9.5 1100 5.5 kW/10 HP
RAF 1600 7.7 2000 10 HP
RAF 2500 9.3 3500 20 HP
RAF 2501 17 3300 40 HP
RAF 2502 9.4 6200 40 HP
RAF 2503 20 2800 30 kW

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RAF 500

RAF 500 single stage fan

RAF 500 S

RAF 500 dual stage series connected fan

RAF 1600/2500

RAF 1600 & 2500 single stage radial blower

RAF 2501

RAF 2501 dual stage series connected radial blower

RAF 2502

RAF 2502 dual stage series radial blower

RAF 2503

RAF 2503 blower


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