Turbopumps / Regenerative Blower

Dustcontrols turbopumps are regenerative blowers which come in both direct and belt driven models. On our larger dual impeller regenerative blowers, the option to have either a parallel or series connection exists. Having 2 stages in parallel will increase the flow at the inlet while series connection will increase the pressure generation (vacuum). Our belt driven dual stage regenerative blowers feature a sound enclosure built on a heavy frame, this not only minimizes noise generation but also shields from internal rotating components. Our smaller direct drive single impeller blowers are basically maintenance free requiring no lubrication with a long service life. The direct drive dual impeller units have a single sealed bearing with a recommended service interval of 1500h. Our belt driven models have both a inner and outer bearing having a similar service life of 1500h. In addition to the bearings the drive belts require changing, intervals for belt changes vary depending on use. It should be noted the high quality V-belt arrangement is extremely reliable and simple to service. Dustcontrol strives to build their machines to superior quality with minimal moving parts yielding less downtime and less maintenance.

In these units vacuum is created by the impeller rotation causing centrifugal force to move air from the root of the blade to the tip. Leaving the tip, air flows around the contour of the housing and is picked up at the root of the succeeding blade. The closed area of the housing between the outlet and inlet, forces the air to atmosphere. The numerous blades on the impeller create increasing stages of pressure generation and result in a very stable pressure differential capability, which is perfect for dust extraction. This pressure generation causes heat to be generated naturally which dissipates in the air-flow and through the blower housing. Silencing, particularly on the larger units is very effective. When two or more units are installed in parallel, they can be operated on demand for maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. When Dustcontrols regenerative blowers are combined with an appropriate filter unit and/or pre-separator you get unparalleled central equipment for your dust extraction system needs.


Performance Data Direct Drive Units

Vacuum Producer Max dP (kPa) Nominal dP (kPa) Max Q (m³/h) Motor Size
TLD 30 20 18 260 2.2 kW
TLD 36 22 20 300 4 HP
TED 30 23 18 450 5.5 kW
TED 36 24 20 600 10 HP
TPD 30 21 18 900 9.2/11 kW
TSD 30 40 30 450 9.2/11 kW
TPD 36 43 32 1050 15 HP
TSD 36 20 17 560 15 HP

Performance Data Direct Drive Units

Vacuum Producer Max dP (kPa) Nominal dP (kPa) Max Q (m³/h) Motor Size
TPR 35 22 20 1000 11 kW
TPR 40 26 20 1200 20 HP
TPR 43 28 20 1400 25 HP
TSR 43 46 35 650 25 HP
TPR 47 29 21 1500 30 HP
TSR 47/48 50 37 700 30 HP
TPR 50 30 23 1600 40 HP
TSR 50/52 54 40 800 40 HP
TPD 53 30 23 1900 50 HP

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