TED/TLD Regnerative Blower

TED/TLD Turbopump vacuum producer


The TLD 30/36 and TED 30/36 regenerative blowers are direct driven single stage units. These stand alone regenerative blowers are ideally suited for smaller dust extraction applications in continuous operation. To ensure constant pressure and that cooling air is available to the pump when all outlets are closed, the tubing system should be equipped with a vacuum relief valve. When used with a properly sized filter unit, these three phase regenerative blowers offers a reliable dust extraction system for high pressure applications.

TLD 36 TED 36
Pump RPM 3600 3600
Weight (kg) 30 65
Max dP (kPa) 22* 24*
Nom. dP (kPa) 20 20
Max Q (m³/h) 300 600
Sound level @ 1 m(dB) 75 75
Inlet/Outlet Ø(mm) 50/50 108/108


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