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TSR Turbopump


Turbopumps with TSR designation are series connected two stage belt driven regenerative units. Cooling air is introduced into the pump through a slot between the two stages allowing the second stage to cool the first stage indirectly, allowing the pump to run at extremely high vacuum and low airflow without overheating. High vacuum pressure featured on these units is particularly useful when heavy dust extraction is needed. As with all our belt driven units the TSR turbopumps (regenerative blower) are equipped with thermal overload protection on the outboard bearing which will trip out when bearing temperature becomes excessive. A back flow valve must be installed on the inlet side of the unit when several units are to be installed in parallel. TSR turbopumps feature a sound enclosure providing minimal operational noise. When used with a properly sized filter unit, this three phase regenerative blower offers a reliable dust extraction system for high pressure applications.

TSR 43 TSR 47 TSR 50
Pump RPM 4300 4700 5000
Weight (kg) 430 450 530
Max dP (kPa) 46 50 54
Nom. dP (kPa) 35 37 40
Max Q (m³/h) 650 700 800
Sound level @ 1 m(dB) 66 66 66
Inlet/Outlet Ø(mm) 108/108 108/108 108/108


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