The aviation & automotive industry have several application areas where efficient dust extraction and cleanliness is a must these could include FOD (foreign object damage) control, composite fabrication, wood handling, coating and painting, just to name a few.

Source extraction systems for automotive and aviation industry will typically include standard central equipment coupled with either standard cleaning accessories and shrouds or custom built components. Dustcontrol standard shrouds or suction casings are designed to fit almost any grinding, cutting, drilling or sanding tool on the market. If we don't have a standard suction casing to fit your automotive or aviation operation we will custom engineer one for you. Our central equipment usually consists of a regenerative blower or radial blower and a filter unit featuring conical pleated filters. In some applications where large amounts of material are collected or where material recovery is desired a cyclonic pre-separator will be installed with the central equipment. With our in house CAD system we have the ability to design and convey our ideas directly to you allowing better coordination during the project life.

Dustcontrol Canada has worked with some of the industry's leading automotive and automotive parts manufacturers within Canada. Our involvement with these companies have been integration with robot arms, cutting cells, grinding operations, weld spatter removal and general cleaning. If you have a dust problem in your facility we can help.

Products: central vacuum systems, mobile dust extractors, pre-separators, accessories, air cleaners and service.

References: Lockheed Martin, EADS Airbus, Gulfstream, General Atomic, Ford, Volkswagen, Scania, Federal Mogul, BAE Systems, ArcelorMittal, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering, Thai Airways and Perkins Engines.

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