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An extraction system is only sized for the outlets that are to be used simultaneously. This is in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the size of the central unit. All outlets must have some type of closure, either a valve or shutter. These can be manually actuated, such as flap valves or manual shutter valves, or automatically controlled for actuation only when extraction is required.

Flexpipe can be used for fume extraction, high flexibility and small diameter allow it to be placed very close to the fume source.

Overhead suspension arrangements such as swing-arms and hose reels can increase system usefulness, increase ergonomics and minimize potential trip hazards from hose left on the floor.

When large volumes of material are to be introduced into the system, stainless floor funnels can be used from which the material is then extracted.

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Manual Shutter Valves

DC manual shutter valve

Auto Shutter Valves

DC auto shutter valve

Flap Valves

DC flap valve

Wall Outlets

DC wall outlet

Clean Room Wall & Floor Valves

clean room floor valve


DC flexpipe

Hose Reels

DC Hosereel


DC Swingarm

Swingarms with Flexpipe

DC Swingarm with flexpipe

Fume Extraction Arm

Fume Extraction Arm

Welding Extraction



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