Compact Stationary Vacuum Systems

All grinders and finishing tools in an FRP production facility are equipped with suction casings and connected to a central vacuum system. Capturing the dust at the source contributes to an improved working environment, higher productivity - shorter clean-up, cleaner process and improved product quality.

Cleaning of saws, mills, lathes and other process machines can be accomplished with a centralized system. More efficient production, cleaner machines, faster production, efficient lubrication use and a higher return on scrap through more effective collection. Your employees spend less time on tasks that do not add to the bottom line.

Extraction of chips and lubricant directly at the source: Cleaner parts throughout the production process, and a cleaner environment on the shop floor. Cleaner machines leads to better functioning lubrication systems, which in turn leads to cooler running tool, and finally better parts and longer tool life.

Fume extraction with extraction integrated welding guns. Reduced exposure to fume, healthier welders, higher productivity.

Vacuum cleaning systems and air cleaning equipment in bakeries reduces airborne flour dust that is dangerous to health and can cause asthma: The health and safety regulations are met and at the same time the workplace environment and overall efficiency is improved. Fewer health problems from employees will affect insurance rates positively.

Extraction/vacuum systems in pharmaceutical production for source extraction and for cleaning of production machinery and areas. Eliminating hazardous dusts generated during pharmaceutical production is a must from a health perspective as well as a product quality issue.

The All-In-One Solution

Dustcontrol's DC 11 module is designed to be a workhorse "All in one" solution for your stationary system needs. It's compact design includes a powerful direct driven pump capable of delivering high vacuum and a filter unit equipped with a pleated filter cartridge for particle separation. Having both the vacuum producer and filter on one chassis makes installation a breeze, as you only have to land one central unit and connect to a tubing system. If controlling your system is an issue thats not a problem either as a control panel can be mounted on the unit and programmed to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a package with a small phsyical footprint that can deliver the DC 11 is for you.


Performance Data

Vacuum Producer Max dP (kPa) Nominal dP Max Q (m³/h) Motor Size
DC 3800 Stationary 21 18 260 2.2 kW/4 HP
DC 11 Module 10HP 22 18 500 10 HP
DC 11 Module 15HP 20 18 850 15 HP

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DC 3800 Stationary

DC 3800 Stationary

DC 11 Module 10HP

DC 11 module 10hp

DC 11 Module 15HP

DC 11 module 15hp


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