Vacuum Producers-Regenerative Blowers & Radial Blowers

The vacuum producer is the heart of the installation. This is where the negative pressure is created which drives the system. In Dustcontrol extraction systems, the vacuum level is generally from 6-40 kPa.

Our standard stationary source extraction and vacuum cleaning systems use turbopumps, also known as regenerative blowers. Regenerative blowers have the ideal characteristics and capacity for source extraction systems. Vacuum level increases as more resistance is presented, an important quality in minimizing the possibility of blockages in the tubing system. Our regenerative blowers come in both direct drive and belt driven models and use high quality cast/machined impellers to generate large pressure differentals.

For applications involving fume and light dust, such as paper, radial blowers are used. These have larger air-flow and operate at a lower relatively constant vacuum level. Our smaller radial blower units come as a stand alone motor and impeller package whereas our larger units are delivered with a silencing enclosure.

Both our turbo pumps/regenerative blowers and radial blowers have very low operating noise, giving you more flexibility on central equipment placement.

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