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Dustcontrol catalogue front cover

Catalogue Individual chapters


Section 1 - Healthy Business by Dustcontrol

Section 2 - Stationary Vacuum Systems

Section 3 - Vacuum Producers

Section 4 - Filter Units

Section 5 - Pre-Separators

Section 6 - Compact Vacuum Systems

Section 7 - Tubing System

Section 8 - Work Station Equipment

Section 9 - Control System *See Note Below

Section 10 - Mobile Dust Extractors

Section 11 - Accessories and Consumables

Environmental and Quality Policy

*Note: Some of Duscontrol Canadas control system options may differ from catalogue options, this is because our control systems are designed and built to CSA standards. Please inqury to Dustcontrol Canada about any control systems option.

User Instruction/Manuals


DC 2800a

DC 2800c

DC 2900a/DC 2900c

DC Tromb 400

DC 3800a

DC 3800c

DC 3800c Twin

DC 3800c Turbo

DC 3800c Twin Turbo

DC 3900a/DC 3900c/DC 3900c Twin/DC 3900c Turbo/ DC 3900c Twin Turbo

DC 5800a 10HP

DC 5800c 10HP

DC 5800c 15HP

DC 5800a 15 HP

DC 5800c PTFE

DC 5800a PTFE

DC 5900a 10HP/DC 5900c 10HP/DC 5900a 15HP/DC 5900c 15HP/DC 5900c PTFE



NEW! Food Safe/ FDA Compliant Cleaning Accessories

All food safe tools brochure

Elongated brush food safe

Round food safe brush


Construction Brochure

Dustcontrol Construction Brochure

Dustcontrol Canada General Product Brochure

Dustcontrol cleaner is more efficent brochure


Dustcontrol Catologue 2015

Spare Parts

Dustcontrol Spare Parts Catologue

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