Continuous DutyThree Phase Mobile HEPA Dust Extractors

Our mobile three-phase dust extractors are used for heavy materials where high pressure is required. The vacuum producer utlilized on our mobile dust extractors is a regenerative blower, often referred to as a turbopump. These are directly driven by a three-phase motor. Our dependable three phase dust extractors have minimal service requirements and a long life. Turbo pumps are well suited for heavy cleaning and material transport due largely to the high vacuum generation. The three phase motor and pump generate more vacuum when the resistance increases allowing the unit to adjust to variable levels of collection. All of our three phased extractors are equipped with three stages of material separation. Dust first enters the highly efficient cyclone which separates large particles. Secondly the airflow containing debris passes through the pre-filter which separates a large percentage of material. Lastly the airstream passes through a certified HEPA filter which captures the remaining particulate. Certified HEPA filters are individually tested for effectiveness to ensure the highest quality is delivered to our customers. Also all of Dustcontrol Canada's three phased extractors conform to CSA standards and are available in 600v,460v and 230v.

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DC3900c Turbo

DC3900c turbo

DC3900 Twin Turbo

DC3900 Twin Turbo

DC5900c 10HP

DC5900c 10HP extractor

DC5900a 10HP

DC5900a 10hp extractor

DC5900L 10HP

DC5900L 10hp extractor

DC5900c 15HP

DC5900c 15hp

DC5900a 15HP

DC5900a 15hp extractor

DC5900L 15HP

DC5900L 15hp extractor


DC 5900 PTFE

DC Strom 600c

DC5900a 15hp extractor

DC Storm 600a

DC5900L 15hp extractor

DC Storm 600L

DC 5900 PTFE



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