Professional Suction Casings/ Dust Shrouds

Dustcontrol Sweden was founded in 1972 with the original business concept of capturing health hazardous dust at the source of generation i.e. as close to the creation source as possible typically the tool end. Research has proven that the most effective way of capturing dust and smoke is as close to the source as possible. Years of experience have allowed Dustcontrol to develop a wide range of professional grade metal suction casings also know as dust shrouds.

Now, Dustcontrol's suction casing's or shrouds are fitted to a wide range of applications, from hand held construction tools to factory production lines. Using our professional metal shrouds will not only improve the health of the workers but also to prolong the life of the machines. Casings can be a necessity in order to achieve a satisfactory product quality where large clouds of debris obstruct the users vision.

With so many options on the market now here are some advantages of Dustcontrols suction casings Shrouds

  • Made of thin gauge metal not plastic making them lightweight, durable and long lasting.
  • Engineered to fit almost any tool on the market with easily manipulated universal fastening system.
  • Designed to collect the maximum amount of dust, without sacrifcing functionality or ergonomics.
  • Replacable rubber collars.

Below are the casings supplied by Dustcontrol Canada, click on the one you wish to view. If there is any uncertainty on fitting of casings contact us and we walk you through the steps or arrange a way for us to fit your tool directly.


Depressed Centre Wheels, Abrasive Disc & Diamond Disc

Depressed centre wheel sytle suction casing

Diamond Cup Wheel

Diamond cup wheel suction casing

Sanding Disc

Sanding disc suction casing

Abrasive Cup Stone

Abrasive cup stone casing

Hammer Drills, Chisels and Breakers

Hammer drills chisels and breakers suction casing


Saw suction casing


Dustcontrol Catologue 2015

Spare Parts

Dustcontrol Spare Parts Catologue

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