Intermittent Duty-Single Phase 120v Dust Extractors

All 120v mobile dust extractors are equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (H13). Filtration of debris occurs in three stages, the first being cyclonic separation through an efficient cyclone. Second stage of filtration occurs when air passes through the pre-filter which captures 99.9% of particulates. Lastly air is passed through a certified HEPA filter which captures the remaining particulate. Certified HEPA filters are individually tested to ensure maximum capture efficiency, all of our single phase extractors use this type of filter. A short animation of the three stage filter system featured on our mobile machines can be seen here. Filter cleaning is achieved with a reverse air pulse cleaning system, which is both effective and mess free. The filter system also allows for ergonomic and dust-free filter changes. Dustcontrols 120v extractors are designed to be lightweight and portable for easy storage and transportation.

Choosing the right machine

Two things determine which mobile extractor is recommended for a given application. They are as follows:

1. The size of the suction casing/nozzle and the type of operation determine the required air flow which influences which dust extractor is suitable, while also taking into consideration the filter area and the number of inlets.

2. Pressure generation: Taking into consideration the future application of your dustcontrol machine and choosing an extractor that will generate the required pressure for the application you have chosen. In each system there is a loss in pressure as the distance increases from the vacuum producer, which in turn may require an increase in machine size.

Refer to our catalogue or speak to a local representative if you are unsure of the best solution for your application.

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DC 3900c twin dust extractor

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DC 3900L twin dust extractor



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