DC3900c Twin

DC3900c twin dust extractor


The DC3900c Twin is a mobile but very powerful dust extractor optimized for large quantities of dust due to its integrated pre-separator. It is particularly well suited for concrete grinding with 80-90% of the coarse material being removed in the pre-separator. The fine dust that goes uncollected passes into the filter cyclone, since only small particulate reaches the filter you save on filter life. Filtration is done in three stages consisting of a cyclone, pre-filter and a certified hepa filter. HEPA filters used in our mobile extractors are individually tested for effectiveness. The DC3900c twin is the successor of the DC3800c twin and offers some functional improvements. First the cyclones can now be lowered making the unit more compact for transport. Also the motors have been mounted such that service can be performed much easier. The DC3900c Twin provides a powerful machine capable of handling heavy applications in a compact easy to move and transport package. Using single phase 120v power (20A plug) the DC 3900c provides a high capacity machine with a convenient power supply. The air flow capacity is suitable for concrete floor grinding machines with diamond discs of up to 500 mm/20" diameter. Dustcontrol Canada can also now offer the new DC3900c twin with a longopack (DC3900L Twin) for continuous bagging.

All of Dustcontrol Canadas mobile machines are CSA approved

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Delivered with

  • Antistatic hose set Ø2" /50 mm x 15'/5m (Part No's 2013 +2107 +2129)
  • Aluminum floor tool B 500, Ø50 mm/2" (Part No 7238)
  • Chrome steel wand Ø50mm/2" (Part No 7265)
  • 5 replacement bags (Part No. 4314)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42025)
  • HEPA H13 filter (Part No 42024)
  • 120v (20A) outlet plug
  • Weight (lb/kg) 120/54
    Max Q, cfm/m³/h 188/320
    Max vacuum, inwg/kpa 115 V 84/21
    Power consumption max 115 V 2100W
    Sound Level 69 dB(A)

    7238 Ø50mm(2") Floor Nozzle
    7235 floor nozzle
    7265 Ø50mm(2") Chrome Wand
    7257 chrome floor wand
    42025 Polyester Pre-Filter
    42025 polyester pre-filter
    42024 HEPA Filter
    42024 HEPA filter
    42026 Cellulose Pre-Filter
    42026 cellulose pre-filter
    Hose Set - Order 5m 2013 hose + 2129 End Cuff + 2107 Couple
    42028 Polyester Pre-Filter


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