Filter Units

An extraction system should always be equipped with a filter unit. The filter unit separates coarse material in the cyclone body of the unit and fine dust in an internal arrangement of conical pleated cartridge filters. Pleated filters have very high filter areas in relation to their physical size. The filter units therefore have high capacity while maintaining compact overall dimensions. Filters are cleaned with reverse pulse which results in very effective cleaning, long filter life and low maintenance. Normally the filter units are equipped with a plastic sack for collection of the extracted material but other types of discharge arrangements can also be installed.

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S 11000

S11000 filter unit

S 11000X

S11000x filter unit

S 21000

S21000 filter unit

S 32000

S32000 filter unit

S 34000

S34000 filter unit

S 34000X

S 34000x filter unit

S 46000

S 46000 filter unit


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