S 46000 Filter Unit

S 46000 filter unit


The S 46000 is very flexible with the inlet modules that can be altered to fit your specific installation needs. Our S 46000 is also our largest filter reserved for the most voluminous dust collection. Additional module rings can be installed to give increased storage capacity of collected material.

S 46000
Inlet (mm) Optional
Outlet (mm) 250
Max Q (m³/h) 8600
Filter Part No. 4284 x 6
Filter Material/Construction Pleated Polyester Cartridge
Total Filter Area (m²) 75
Degree of Separation DIN 24184/3 >99.9%
Application Class according to Bia C
Max Filter temperature (°C) 130
Filter cleaning compressed air supply 4 l/s/4 bar
Compressed air connection Ø(mm) 6
Electrical Connection 24vac,12 W

4706 Discharge Cone
4714 Collection Sack
42111 Antistatic Collection Sack
4612 Module Ring
7195 Widening Chassis


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