Source Extraction and General Cleaning Systems

Whatever material, dust, chips or fumes that you would like to remove or transport from or within the workplace, we have the solutions.

Source extraction is the concept of capturing dust at the source before it becomes airborne. Throughout the years, Dustcontrol has established itself in the industrial vacuum industry as an expert in process integration using source extraction. Dustcontrol Canada and our parent company has provided solutions to a wide variety of customers, solving their unique dust problems. Some of these include automobile manufacturers, printing presses, food processing plants, pharmaceutical industries, construction, metal fabrication, waste management and carpentry.

Dustcontrol Canada supplies both mobile and stationary dust extraction solutions to our end customers. At Dustcontrol Canada we work to provide you with the right solution, not just an out of the box unit. Although some applications already have standard solutions in place we understand that sometimes custom built systems are required to integrate into your operation. We take pride in supplying high quality, reliable and properly engineered systems to all our customers.

Our product range comprises of mobile dust extractors for industrial and construction usages, filter units, pre-separators, air cleaners, central vacuum systems, accessories and discharge arrangements. Our mobile dust extractors come in both single phase and three phase models and include high quality pre-filters and individually tested HEPA filters. Dustcontrol dust shrouds are widely used in the construction industry because they are made of durable lightweight steel not plastic like some. For our larger central installations Dustcontrol Canada offers both regenerative blowers and radial fan units which are not only dependable and industry tested, but also have minimal service requirements and an exceptional service life. Dustcontrol Canada has systems in the automotive, metal manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry which have been in service for nearly 20 years.

Dustcontrol as a company has over 40 year's experience in developing products worldwide for special applications. Customization is often a necessity for stationary casings, for example; printing machines, food processing machines, and other automated production lines. Dustcontrol has international brand representation, this lends itself to the establishment of a huge knowledge base which is collaborated between our different locations worldwide. If Dustcontrol Canada hasn't directly dealt with your application chances are that somewhere worldwide one of our global partners has. If not, we are always looking for new challenges to solve in an effort to supply all industries with dust free production.

Check out some of industries we serve below or contact us today to inquire about how we can best serve you!

& Nautical

Dustcontrol has helped numerous customers within the automotive, aerospace and nautical sector. See what we can do for you today. Read More

Metal and Manufacturing

Dustcontrol Canada has worked extensively with leading manufacturing companies, providing anything from standard cleaning systems to online custom integrated processes.

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Construction/Floor Grinding

Dustcontrol Canada stocks a wide range of mobile dust extractors suitable for small hand held tools to large floor grinders. We also stock a huge range of accessories to suit all your needs.

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Food Processing

If you want to improve the overall quality of your food processing business look no further. Dustcontrol Canada has solutions to help rid your working environment of harmful dust.

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Printing Press

With installations throughout the world, Dustcontrol has the knowledge to help with your printing process.

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Pharmaceutical and Chemical processing operation require "clean room" operations. Dustcontrol supplies vacuum transportation systems and high finish tools for these environments.

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Waste Management

Waste management and furnace facilities are harsh environments demanding durable equipment. Dustcontrol Canada can provide high quality systems with customized integrated to your process.

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