Stationary Central Dust Extraction Systems

Dustcontrol Canada has been designing, supplying, and installing custom dust extraction systems throughout Canada for nearly 25 years. Dust extraction is a unique process of collecting detrimental dust at it's source by placing a vacuum point with high pressure near the creation source. Typically the vacuum point is enclosed by either a standard accessory or a custom shroud. Dust extraction differs from dust collection in that it uses much higher pressure generation, usually between 6-40 kPa and a smaller flow. Dust collection is typically high flow with lower pressure generation. Although our specialty is dust extraction we still offer options for dust collection needs. Dust extraction can be done for virtually any process including cutting, grinding, chipping or general cleanup. Our products are suitable for basically any type of dust including smoke, fumes, asbestos, welding fumes, silica, asbestos, metal chip, rubber, concrete or basically any type of dust you can think of. If you require recovery of your material for reuse or recycling purposes there are solutions to that to. In addition to your stationary needs we also supply a full range of mobile machines as well. Browse this page or contact us today to see the diversity offered by Dustcontrol Canada.

Dust/Chip Extraction - Cleaning - Material Transportation System Sizing

To properly size a central dust extraction system a few variables must be considered.

  • How many operators/machines at the same time? This is often the hardest and most important variable to consider as it directly effects the size and cost of the central equipment.
  • What type of operation/ what kind of material is being picked up? Just like the number of operators this also significantly impacts central equipment.
  • What distance does the material have to travel?
  • Do you need to recover the collected material? - preseperator
  • How often would you like to empty the waste? - container/bag/bucket
  • Maintenance needs
  • Sound sensitivity - placement of central unit
  • Do you want one big system or numerous smaller ones?

These questions should serve as a starting point for the planing of stationary systems, the answers will help to determine the sizes and appropriate combinations of central equipment. Answers to the above will also indicate any need the customer may have for custom suction casings(shrouds) or accessories.

Custom Solutions to meet your needs

In addition to standard solutions Dustcontrol recognizes that there isn't one single fix that applies to every application. That is why we provide fully customized options that can be adapted to each customers individual needs. To help with the design process Dustcontrol Canada offers in house CAD services, see the below images to see a sample of our work. Whether you need a detailed drawing of a proposed suction casing(shroud) or a general layout of a system we can provide you with all the necessary drawings. Having such extensive experience in designing and constructing innovative customized solutions, we can provide a high level of system integration and customer value.

DCC custom guard
Simple System Illustration

Health & Environment

Respirable dust has been scientifically proven to have an adverse effect on ones health. A significant benefit of installing a Dustcontrol system is that by reducing the amount of airborne particles, you are reducing the workers potential for exposure to hazardous dusts. In addition to this reducing dust can have the following benefits:

  • Cleaner safer working environment
  • Meet demands of Health and Safety legislation
  • Motivated and healthy employees
  • Improved organisational culture
  • Easier to recruit and retain staff
  • Automated recycling

Operational Efficiency

Dustcontrol strognyl advocates for use of source extraction in process. With a correctly designed and implemented source capture system one is able to remove waste generated during cutting, milling, grinding, sanding, etc processes. This often lends itself to reduced maintenance costs, stemming from both decreased maintenance time and minimized equipment failure.

  • Vacuum transport as a part of the manufacturing process
  • Shorter maintenance break
  • Lower repair expenses
  • Fewer breaks in the manufacturing process
  • More efficient waste management/ recycling
  • Lower house keeping costs


  • Increased product quality by elimination of dust, liquid or smoke that may lead to imperfections or defective products at the source.
  • Clean products ready for delivery or the next stage in the manufacturing process sooner.

For a dust extraction system to deliver the desired benefits, it must be complete from suction casing to vacuum producer. For this reason Dustcontrol supplies quality equipment for all aspects of the system installation. You can have the piece of mind knowing that genuine Dustcontrol equipment has 40 years of experience tackling the toughest dust related tasks.

Vacuum Producers - Turbo pumps/Regenerative Blowers & Radial Blowers

The vacuum producer is the heart of the installation. This is where the negative pressure is created which drives the system. In Dustcontrol extraction systems, the vacuum level is generally from 6-40 kPa.

Our normal stationary source extraction and vacuum cleaning systems use turbo pumps also known as regenerative blowers. Turbo pumps have the ideal characteristics and capacity for a source extraction system ie low volume high vacuum. Vacuum level increases as more resistance is presented, an important quality in minimizing the possibility of blockages in the tubing system.

For applications involving fume and light dust, such as paper, radial blowers are used. These have larger air-flows and operate at a lower relatively constant, vacuum level.

Both our turbo pumps/regenerative blowers and radial blowers have very low operating noise, giving you more flexibility on central equipment placement.

Dustcontrols TPR Vacuum
TPD vacuum
RAF vacuum

Filter Units

Filtration of material is extremely important in any stationary installation. A filter unit serves the purpose of cleaning the air before it reaches the vacuum producer where it is exhausted. Ineffective filtration will lead to carry over to the vacuum producer which could not only cause catastrophic damage to equipment, but also cause material to be exhausted out into the air. These are obviously things one would like to avoid, which is why Dustcontrol Canada supplies a full range of filter units allowing for a flexible installation no matter the size of your system. Our filter units use both a cyclone and conical pleated filters to separate the dust. The cyclone is the first stage where high velocity particles enter the body of the unit where they are forced against the cyclone wall. They follow the airstream to the bottom of the unit where larger particles are discharged when the airstream changes directions towards the outlet. The second stage of filtration occurs when the airstream passes through the pleated conical filters which captures the remaining smaller dust particles. Conical pleated filters have very high filter areas compared to their relative size offering a high degree of separation in a small package. Where high volumes of coarse material exist a pre-separator can be installed. Pre-separators work under the same cyclonic principles as the filter units without the filter. A pre-separator captures large amounts of coarse materials which can be beneficial for material recycle or re-use.

Dustcontrol AB central system installation

Tubing System

Tubing systems transport the material from the point of collection to the central unit. Dust is generally abrasive, some more than others, therefore our standard material thickness of the tubing system is 1.5 mm. Applications with fume and light dust use reinforced spiral duct. Stainless tubing systems and extra abrasion resistant fittings are available.

Dustcontrol has a very comprehensive assortment of tubing fittings and installation hardware. This gives greater flexibility in design and installation of our tubing systems. Our mechanical jointing system makes alterations and additions a breeze.

Work Place Environment

Source extraction systems are sized only for outlets that are to be used simultaneously. This is in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the size of the central unit. All outlets must have some type of closure, either a valve or shutter. These can be manually actuated, such as flap valves or manual shutter valves, or automatically controlled for actuation only when extraction is required.

Flexpipe can be used for fume extraction, high flexibility and small diameter allow it to be placed very close to the fume source.

Overhead suspension arrangements such as swing-arms and hose reels can increase the usefulness of the system, increase ergonomics and minimize potential trip hazards from hose left on the floor.

When large volumes of material are to be introduced into the system, stainless floor funnels can be used from which the material is then extracted.


Our accessories from hoses to suction casings have been designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest dust without sacrificing flexibility and operator use. At Dustcontrol we aim to have our products integrate easily into the customers existing process, and have the maximum working life possible.

Dustcontrol hose is tasked with the job of transporting the extracted materials away from the process, because of this it is designed with numerous qualities in mind. Ergonomic comfort is very important for functionality at the users end, this is why our range of standard hoses all possess a high level of flexibility. Also it has to be tough to handle the most abrasive material transport. Hose selection should include consideration of abrasion, chemical and heat resistance as well as conductivity to static electricity. Dustcontrol has a comprehensive assortment of hose types, diameters and hose connections.

Cleaning tools, suction casings and special nozzles are the components used to capture the contaminant at the source. The design and effectiveness of these will determine the efficiency and acceptance of the entire system. This demands a complete assortment of specially designed products that Dustcontrol has been working to provide since our beginning. If a standard product does not exist, we have the capacity to design and manufacture it.

Control Systems

Motor starters and System Control Panels control the operation of the system, both operation of the vacuum producers and cleaning of the filter. A variety of other control functions can be installed as required.

Even with a rather basic control system, intelligent features can be included to clear coarse material in the main tubing runs or control vacuum production and therefore energy consumption according to actual requirement.

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