Flap Valves

Flap valves are used were removable connection of a suction hose to the tubing system is needed. The spring loaded flap is opened manually and the hose cuff is inserted into the valve body. On systems with auto start-stop demand, the flap valve should be equipped with a micro-switch. This will give a start-stop signal for vacuum producer control when the valve is opened and closed.

Dustcontrol flap valve

dmax/D (mm) A Microswitch Part No.
38/50 X38 No 3232
38/50 X38 Yes 8454
50/50 X50 No 3070
50/50 X50 Yes 8433
50/76 X50 No 3006
50/76 X50 Yes 8272
76/76 X76 No 3237

Flapvalve pictoral

Note: This image serves the purpose of sizing the flap valve and does not represent its true form.


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