Turnable Hose Connectors for Antistatic and Standard Hose

Dustcontrol Canada offers an extensive selection of antistatic turnable hose cuffs for all of your dust extraction needs. All of our standard stock hose cuffs have an antistatic rating of 106 Ω cm and are made of durable lightweight plastic. Dust extraction is a very abrasive process requiring high quality durable components. Dustcontrol has been designing and supplying turnable antistatic cuffs for nearly 40 years. Our turnable cuffs cover any standard connection you may need for both our accessory and hose line. Unlike some suppliers we are focused on supplying high quality yet economical extraction equipment to suit your dust extraction needs. Downtime due to low grade equipment can severely hinder your production as well as potentially expose your staff to harmful particulates. Dustcontrols turnable hose cuffs offer you a long lasting, ergonomic and industry tested cuff for your dust extraction needs.

Turnable hose cuff PU hose diagram
Turnable hose connectors for standard hoses
Description Part No.
Connecting sleeve, turnable 1.5"/1.5"/38/38 mm 2114*
Coupling socket, turnable 2"/1.5"/50/38 mm 2128*
Coupling socket, turnable 2"/2"/50/50 mm 2129*
Intermediate sleeve, turnable 2"/1.5"/50/38 mm 2131*
Connecting sleeve, turnable 1.25"/1.5"/38/32 mm 2132*
Coupling socket, turnable 1.5"/1.25"/38/32 mm 2133*
Coupling socket, turnable 1.25"/1.25"/32/32 mm 2172*
*Antistatic. 106 Ω cm. To order ESD-rated-note an E after the Part No.


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